Degreaser HD WCI: Is a non-corrosive powerful degreaser, free from hydrocarbon solvents, effective and economical in use. This product has numerous cleaning application including remove of greases, waxes, oil, sludge, soot, carbonaceous deposits and general dirt and grime on any surface.

    Ultracleaner Plus WCI: Is formulated with powerful solvents that eliminates dirt, carbon deposit and grease on engine components such as exhaust valves, pump components, filters, among others.

    Sodium Hypochlorite WCI: Multipurpose liquid product widely used as a disinfectant agent, for water treatment and as a bleaching agent.

    Hand Cleaner WCI: It is a skin degreaser used by crew after heavy work. It contains natural ingredients that help maintain clean, soft and hydrated hands.

    General Degreaser WCI: A strong emulsifier solvent ready to be use, contains petroleum solvents and surfactants, used as kitchen and decks cleaner for general degreasing.

    Universal Wash WCI: It is a superior liquid detergent with good frothy qualities. It contains humid agents of fast penetration to remove luminous oils or the dirt of any surface.

    Varsol WCI: A strong emulsifier solvent ready to be used as multipurpose cleaner and degreaser formulated for removal of oil, greases, sludge and carbon deposits of decks and engine room.

    Electrocleaner FD WCI: It is a powerful product formulated with non - chlorinated solvents that contains an evaporation control, to clean and degrease electrical equipment without leaving greases surfaces or moisture residues.

    Rust Remover WCI: This product is specially formulated for deep and hard rusts on metal surfaces, without making any harm to the parent metal.

    Rust Converter WCI: This product converts harmful rust into a black protective coating that is safe to paint. Just brush or roll it on.

    Descaling Liquid WCI: Product formulated for descaling calcifications that create obstructions due to heavy water and food flowing in galvanized pipes.

    Descalex Powder WCI: Product in powder form formulated for descaling calcifications that create obstructions due to heavy water and food flowing in galvanized pipes.

    Carbon Remover WCI: Is a specific solvent with quick penetration on carbon deposits eliminating hydrocarbon residues and resins.

    Air Cooler Cleaner WCI: It is formulated with an emulsifier solvent cleaner HD for removing carbon deposits, grease, oil and dirty from scavenging, turbochargers and air coolers systems.

    Antifreeze WCI: It is an excellent coolant for cooling systems of gasoline and diesel and gives protection aluminum cylinder heads. It can be diluted with tap water before use.

    Aluminium Cleaner WCI: It is a magnificent cleaner and brightener of aluminum surfaces, formulated with inorganic acids and wetting agents that quickly remove dirt and white oxide of aluminum surfaces, by return its natural brightness.

    Slaked Lime WCI: Is used in a variety of applications including water treatment, as an anti-stripping agent in asphalt, and in soil stabilization.

    Wax Polish WCI: Is a solvent mixture developed for cleaning and gives your floors deep gloss and hardness spectacular.

    Wax Remover WCI: Is a solvent mixture developed for cleaning and degreasing before the application of primers and topcoats.

    Typol Liquid WCI: Multi-purpose highly concentrated detergent in liquid form mixed for deck, kitchen, laundry, among others.

    Cement Remover WCI: It is a strong acid-based deoxidizer inorganic corrosion inhibitors and penetrating agents, applied to remove cement and concrete of hard surfaces.


    Boiler Water Treat WCI: Is a powerful liquid blend of alkaline compounds that provides the right level of alkalinity that would ensure optimal conditions for the boilers function.

    Boiler Coagulant WCI:Is a deep cleaner formulated to maintain the interior of the boiler free of sludge, deposits and any oil residue that can affect the operational system.

    Catalyst Treat WCI: It is a concentrated liquid that ensures the protection of boiler system from oxygen corrosion.

    Alkalinity Conditioner WCI: Concentrated liquid product that provides the optimum alkaline conditions for boiler system and keeps an effective corrosion and scale control.

    Oxycontroller WCI: This product protects boiler, steam line, condensate lines and feet water lines keeping them free from corrosion.

    Hardness Remover WCI: Is a highly soluble liquid formulated for keeping the boiler free from calcium hardness and scale problems.

    Corrosion Inhibitor WCI: It prevents scale formation by converting residual hardness salts into a mobile non-adherent sludge that can be removed by blowdown.

    Cooling Water Treat WCI: Is specially formulated for inhibit corrosion that affects the cooling water systems.

    Bioguard WCI: It is a dispersant of marine growth such as algae, shellfish and micro-organisms to prevent fouling of sea water.


    Dish Wash WCI: Is a detergent used to assist in dishwashing. It is usually a highly-foaming mixture of surfactants with low skin irritation.

    Dish Wash Rinse WCI: Is a liquid product that give your dishes a brilliant boost of shine, rinses away residue build-up and rinses in sparkle.

    Clothing Softener WCI: Is a product used while laundering to make clothes soft and eliminate static cling.

    Multipurpose Liquid WCI: Is a biodegradable multipurpose degreaser that contains humid agents and alkaline materials for cleaning grease, oil, dirt and dust from cabins, kitchens, rooms and decks.

    Powder Detergent WCI: All purpose detergent powder concentrate for multipurpose use. It is 100% biodegradable and harmless to delicate fabrics.

    Bathroom Cleaner WCI: Cleans, polishes and quickly removes stains and dirt lodged in toilets, tubs and sinks. Removes stains from linoleum and tile shower and giving your bathroom a clean appearance.

    Drain Pipe WCI: Product formulated for descaling calcifications that create obstructions due to heavy water and food flowing in galvanized pipes.

    Amonia Disinfectant WCI: It's fabricated for maritime hygiene in areas of machine, scrap, laboratories, bathrooms and floors for bacteries´s disinfect.

    Chlorinated Tablets WCI:Is used as swimming pool chemical for algicide, biocide and antioxidant.

    Window Cleaner WCI: Concentrated liquid designed for cleaning dirt and difficult stains of crystal surfaces.


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World Clean International is a manufacturer company specialist in marine chemical products. Under the brand WCI, we have a complete line of marine products, with high quality standards that provide technical solutions to any vessel´s area.


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